Here at fellowship, 

our mission is clear -

"Take the Gospel News of Jesus everywhere we can with Words and through actions"

  • We are committed to fulfilling Acts 1:8 as a way of life
  • Our Jerusalem is our local community of Sikeston/Miner
  • Our Judea is the State of Missouri
  • Our Samaria is North America
  • Our ends of the Earth is everywhere else!

our vision

Our Vision is to become a people who:

     Live like Jesus,

           Love like Jesus,

               Lead others to do the same.

For that to happen, 3 things must occur:

"Life Change" in the form of spiritual transformation Jesus called being Born Again"  John 3:5

"Discipleship" where we grow by embracing the same core values Jesus lived by.  Romans 8:29

"Ministry" that reaches others and helps them experience spiritual transformation and embrace the core values of Jesus as a way of life.  2 Timothy 2:2